My personal experience with Sue's dog training expertise has been excellent.
Donna Zdrojewski
Redlands, CA.

I have used the services of Susan Stevenson Feenstra and found her training to be very professional and highly effective in dealing with my pet.
Deborah Lunderville
Redlands, Ca.

Sue Stevenson Feenstra is an informed, caring, and well respected dog trainer. She molded my strong-willed Labrador Retriever, Grady, into a model canine citizen during her six week doggie boot camp. Without her help, Grady would not be the well-behaved dog he is today.
She clearly understands and enjoys working with animals, and more importantly, their owners.
Lisa and Jay Sanders
Redlands, CA.

Sue Stevenson Feenstra worked with us in training our dog and did a superb job. We found her to be very, responsible, and reliable. She is a good businesswoman. Kind and courteous.
Dr. and Mrs. James Wise
Yucaipa CA.

I am a recent client of Sue Stevenson Feenstra in her Dog Training program. I found her too very professional as a business person and very much an animal lover.
Christene Leonard
Highland CA.

I have used and recommended Sue Stevenson Feenstra for dog training for the 5 years. I have had nothing but positive feedback on the recommendations that I have given, and respect her as a trainer in the highest regard.
Karyn Lehman
Owner, PAWS
Pet Supplies

I have known and worked with Sue Stevenson Feenstra for 3+ years as our businesses compliment each other. I highly recommend her dog training services and have referee many of my own customers to her and have received rave reviews on her professionalism.
Kristin Perez
Owner Head to Tail Pet Grooming
Redlands Ca.

Hi Sue! I know its been a while, but I wanted to update you on Rocky and Lola. We had their birthday party and it was so awesome to be able to have them at the park, under control. They have been behaving very well and I take them out for a few walks a day. Lola is excited to leave the house for her walks. Rocky is still having a hard time with other dogs. He can be around them, but not introduced to them. So far I am extremely happy with their progress an I am so thankful for your help. I will keep working with them and hopefully we can get them introduced to other dogs. If I am still having trouble, I would appreciate you assistance. Thank you for everything. I will continue to recommend you to others with problem dogs.
Liz McChain

What Our Clients Say About Us

We have an Australian Shepherd named Riley.  He is our fourth dog and frankly was causing us a lot of anxiety due to his behavior - completely the opposite of any of our other dogs.  He is wonderful with other people and other dogs but was consistently aggressive with us - attacking and latching on to our feet and ankles and biting our hands and arms and getting totally out of control when we tried to discipline him.  It got to the point where we were very uncomfortable being around him and there were several times when we were ready to get rid of him.   Sue was able to identify Riley as a "Bossy Aussie" who saw us as his playmates and who was totally trying to dominate us.  It was clear that he is very smart and he up picked very quickly on the commands that she had us work on with him.  But his behavior continued to get worse and worse.  Sue worked with us and Riley very patiently and professionally until we found the right message for Riley.  We have seen significant improvement in his behavior with us thanks to her help and we feel quite relieved that we are on the path to having the normal and loving relationship we wanted with our dog.  We would recommend Sue to anybody who needs help with their dog's behavior problems and we are very grateful to her.  We were also very pleased with our boarding experience with Sue. 

Thanks Sue! 

John, Shari and Riley Reddall

Yucaipa, CA

Sue, thanks for the training. Nala just had her best walk in the neighborhood. No tugging and no barking ! So impressed.

Fran Grace

Redlands, CA


Hi Sue! This is Pam Douglas. I just have to brag on my boy Rex! This morning when we were on our walk the garage truck pretty much followed us closely all the way up Franklin (we were walking about the same speed as the truck)...and although Rex didn't like it being so close and kept looking at the truck, he never barked or tried to chase it one time!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 He is such a good boy!! We've come a long way in the last year! Thank you so much!! You're awesome! I so appreciate everything you did to help Rex!