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Day Training and Socialization

  • $135 Full Day of Daycare and one hour training session + Video instruction
  • $145 Full day of daycare + one overnight boarding. One hour training and instructional video.
  •  All training is reinforced throughout the day by our staff and trainers. 

      Doggy Boot Camp $3700 - If you are unavailable to participate in training, we can train your dog and do        follow up training at your home so you know how to use your dogs new skills. Bootcamp includes 3                  hours of private instruction. Bootcamp includes 6 weeks of boarding and training at the Rover Ranch                Training Center. Families may visit their dog and participate in training after 2 weeks or let us train them             for 6 weeks then teach how to use your dogs new training skills.

IN HOME TRAINING- $100 Per Hour. Pay per Session. One on One at your home. We start with a free evaluation. We tailor the program to meet your needs, explain training concepts and give a demonstration of our techniques. The whole family may participate in weekly training sessions. Sessions cover basic training, problem solving and going out in public to practice good manners. Does your dog go to work ? We can meet you at the office too! Appointments available when you're available.

      Jump Start (8 months & older)

      $500 - Professional trainer does the hard part of getting your dog started. 4-1 Hour sessions with                      instructional video training and short simple homework. 4 full days of daycare and socialization at the             Rover Ranch Training Center.


Puppy Jump Start  (8 months & under)

$450 - Puppy Jump Start includes 4 hours of training at the ROVER RANCH TRAINING CENTER and 4 daycare days. Puppies come to the Rover Ranch Training Center while you are at work or busy during the day. Puppies get socialization in a controlled environment and all training reinforced throughout the day by our staff and trainers.