Sue believes in training dogs according to the families personal lifestyle. She listens to each clients requests and tailors her programs to fit their needs.

Specializing in problem solving and behavior modification, Sue is a K9 Behaviorist who knows not all dogs meet the basic obedience format. Her Lifestyle Dog Training program is based on affection training methods. Sue has hundreds of satisfied clients and years of experience.

Sue is the former President of Redlands Unleashed Fidos and Friends. R.U.F.F. is the nonprofit organization that raised the money to build the Redlands Dog Park. Her husband, Richard Feenstra, built and designed the Redlands Dog Park.

Sue and Richard are the owners of Redlands Rover Ranch. Sue spent many years consulting Kennels, Vets and Doggy Daycare facilities about how to design housing for pets. After seeing all the different kennel styles, Sue reached the conclusion that Cage Free facilities were best for a dog mind, body and spirit. She and Richard designed Rover Ranch based on her experience and expertise.

Sue Stevenson Feenstra is the winner of the 2011  Sun and Redlands Daley Facts Best Pet Trainer Award.






Julie's training techniques focus on improved communication between owners and their pets through evidence-based methods tailored to the needs of each family.


Her background in scientific research and natural abilities with animals led Julie to start her career in shelters and rescues working with shy and fearful animals. The skills she garnered while working in these environments drew her to attend the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior to further her understanding of the science behind how and why animals learn the way they do. 


After completing Karen Pryor Academy's highly competitive Dog Trainer Professional program, Julie has proudly earned the title of KPA Certified Training Partner, an internationally recognized accreditation, and maintains her commitment to continuing education through accredited animal science agencies.


Julie has been working with us and our two adult dogs since June 28, 2018. She has been coming to our home on a weekly basis or thereabouts.

Our dogs are unique, (I guess everyone feels that way about their dogs). Our big german shepherd dog came from a no kill shelter at age 2 and was in that shelter for about two years. So Big Jack did not have a good start and struggles to trust others, is very protective of us and our home. Zoei, our lab mix, is a sweet heart and in love with Jack but extremely high energy.

All this being said, Julie came in and gained Jack's trust and Zoei's attention on day one. Julie has educated us as owners (we feel in some ways we are the primary students and not the dogs at all). Julie is wise, knowledgable, patient, a real dog lover, insightful. She picks up the slightest of clues, movements and issues and make the needed changes for training success for us and our dogs.

She has done wonders in a few short months to help us enjoy our dogs much more and to have them enjoy us in a different and better way.

Recently we were out walking our dogs with Julie on a practice night. Two large neighborhood dogs got our of their yard and charged our dogs. Without hesitation, Julie sprang into action and with professionalism, skill, courage and control, protected us from the wandering dogs, controlled them in their charge and even herded them back into their yard and closed the breached gate. All in a seamless stroke of supreme dog handling. It left my wife and I speechless and I think even our dogs were impressed.

She has been so good for us and has enhanced our life with our dogs. Her tools will most certainly remain with us for the life of us with our dogs.
Sincerely, with gratitude

Dave and Celina Shelton

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Julie Fryman as a dog (and dog owner :) trainer. She has been working with our puppy, Charley, for several months. Julie started out by coming to my home and working with Charley, and has been so easy to work with and willing to accommodate my schedule. I appreciate her professional and yet, down-to-earth approach. Julie is positive, enthusiastic and upbeat, and Charley picked up on that right away and has always been eager to please her. She is one of Charley's favorite people. I really like Julie's positive reinforcement approach and use of clicker training. Julie also provides me with written training materials, which contain helpful tips that I can refer to as I reinforce the techniques she has shown me and Charley. Charley has learned and progressed so much in a short amount of time - ranging from coming, waiting, staying, not jumping, not demand barking, front door manners, and more. I have recently had Julie do some training in a higher distraction environment (away from our home), and have been so pleased to receive detailed emails and video clips which explain what was done and how things went. We take Charley everywhere with us, and he is even more of a pleasure and joy to have around because of Julie's training techniques. Part of Charley's success is due to Julie's patience with me and willingness to answer my questions and help me be more successful in achieving our goals. Julie is 5 star - highly recommend!

Best regards,

Lynn Reichert